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Couple packing

Packing & Storage Tips

  • Use all the space available including the height.
  • Stand sofas, mattresses and long dressers on end.
  • Take legs off tables.
  • Anything that comes apart is easier to store and takes less space.
  • Fill up the dresser drawers, you will use less boxes and protect breakables.
  • Use large trash bags, mattress covers and tarps to keep items dust free.

Space Saving Packing Tips

Begin packing a couple of days before you move. Careful packing pays by preventing breakage and loss of small and fragile items. And moving time is a great time to weed out old, unwanted or unneeded possessions. They only take up storage space.

Another thing, you'll want plenty of sturdy corrugated cartons, packing paper, sealing tape, and a magic marker-type pen. Then if you follow these simple packing tips, they will save you trouble, help avoid damage to your goods and make maximum use of the space in your storage unit.

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